Perseverance Mars Rover Landing- Inside Story

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Mark Rober

2 måneder siden

This will be cooler than the Super Bowl. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Read the 2021 Annual Letter, here:
Watch the live stream-
Main rover landing page-
Cool rover interactive animation of the 7 mins of terror-
Spin the rover around in 3D-
Here is the video about why we should explore space even with problems here on Earth-
Music for the montage-
Explosions in the Sky
(Post-rock, four-member band from Texas.)
First Breath After Coma
Your Hand In Mine
Song at 11:21- Bottles by A Shell in the Pit-

Mark Rober
Mark Rober Måned siden
TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED!! WE ARE SAFE ON MARS! Congratulations to @NASA and humanity.
Bavnoop D
Bavnoop D 3 dager siden
@Ychinh Hdok hi
Ychinh Hdok
Ychinh Hdok 3 dager siden
Bavnoop D
Bavnoop D 26 dager siden
@SKM last
Jcewazhere 27 dager siden
@Mark Now that we have probes on Mars why don't we laser guide the next generation probes in? At least for the sample recovery missions or other missions that land near existing rovers.
mangle and Friends lil bit lolbit
mangle and Friends lil bit lolbit 29 dager siden
Roland Amurao
Roland Amurao 4 timer siden
hay my dad sed omg wow
Spencer Hipp
Spencer Hipp 7 timer siden
Mark or anyone more experienced on this than me why do they not try to put some real plants on Mars? Obviously the water issue but we have desert plants and other hardy trees so why not try. - a freshman from Minnesota
GlitchFox 7 timer siden
This was the coolest thing to watch, I was over in Australia watching it live with scouts, and it was honestly so impressive! This channel is next level!
Mark W. Gardner
Mark W. Gardner 9 timer siden
When a rocket goes up, does it go up at full capacity? 100% mass fuel tanks full? A popsicle would cause mission failure? If not, I have an idea of two.
Created Being
Created Being 11 timer siden
Society worshipping 'science': 1:39 "[...] at the base of a river of freshwater, is where scientists believe we have the best chance of finding evidence of path biological life on mars, so thanks to Perseverance [...]" Society justifying abortions: "That's not life, that's just a clump of cells" I guess when crediting a mindless process for your existence is the norm, justifying murder in irony isn't that far off.
levent ghalib
levent ghalib 12 timer siden
him being happy makes me happy
Quang Nhật Trương
Quang Nhật Trương 15 timer siden
Mark Rober is genius
Annaliza Bahia
Annaliza Bahia 19 timer siden
12:37 It's like Curiosity Landing since 2012
SamyGaoGao 19 timer siden
Imagine being the guy who says ‘Touchdown confirmed
Lettuce Carrots
Lettuce Carrots 21 time siden
I suspect that Mark may be the real life version of Howard Wolowitz. I also suspect that he will never make a video about how he got the NASA robot arm stuck on his schvantz.
lene bean
lene bean 21 time siden
why did the what have to be so sad???😭😭😭
Florie Mariñas
Florie Mariñas 21 time siden
I didn’t know that
Shariq Tutorial
Shariq Tutorial 23 timer siden
Thanks for 76 Now please🙏 do 100 Love ❤ you all
Prkash Tamang
Prkash Tamang Dag siden
there is oxygen in moon haa ??
Jardel Elias
Jardel Elias Dag siden
So, a guy named Mark Rober worked on a Mars Rover.
ThatNativeGamer Dag siden
You can boss him around? Buddys just shaking his head...
Jowi DaSilva
Jowi DaSilva Dag siden
My condolences mark for your mom
Parhaan K
Parhaan K Dag siden
We all gangster until mark flirts with the girls
toast Dag siden
it makes me feel so overwhelmed
poke fan
poke fan Dag siden
I love your video
Books with NuNu
Books with NuNu Dag siden
Mark Rober is our Albert einstein
Fortnite Bro’s
Fortnite Bro’s Dag siden
I feel like through the whole landing he did not even breathe
Rafaela Lara
Rafaela Lara 2 dager siden
Well i like astronomy
Kathleen Fullerton
Kathleen Fullerton 2 dager siden
me waching this rn. i know Nasa my pop was C.gordan Fullerton! me also waching, wait i have a Nasa shirt on rn how crasy????
nancy gorman
nancy gorman 2 dager siden
Search Van Allen belt.
Ivana Suguitan
Ivana Suguitan 2 dager siden
I can't wait until i experience things like this.
LOL man Don't ask
LOL man Don't ask 2 dager siden
This video made me think that how much s scientist is attached to the work he made
Vungmunin Hor
Vungmunin Hor 2 dager siden
Aren’t animals pretty much aliens? But 10x stupider
Aidan 2 dager siden
Mark Rober wit da Rover
FLT LOAVS 2 dager siden
Used to work for nasa now he is a NOwindowr
Zainthefortnitebot 2 dager siden
Can't believe it is been a month.
Edgar Patrick Samson
Edgar Patrick Samson 3 dager siden
iS it time to live on mars and meet aliens :)
Six Toes
Six Toes 3 dager siden
WHY did you leave NASA ???????????????
CLICKbite 3 dager siden
Ive built similar robot , there is video on my channel check it out
Julie Gibson
Julie Gibson 3 dager siden
Mark, this video is awesome because it shows not only the incredible amount of engineering and science that went into the rover but also how emotional it was for everyone behind the scenes! As far as I’m concerned you are all super heroes!
Fish With Hanish
Fish With Hanish 3 dager siden
Ur a genius buddy, how cool it's to work on unknown but with a definitive plan in Nasa, no wonder half away away here in planet kids gets crazy to b a part of this unknown craziness in Naza ❤️❤️
Ilon Goldschmidt
Ilon Goldschmidt 3 dager siden
It landed!
FlyingPoptart101 3 dager siden
how do you drive a rover on mars if the ping is like 10 minutes
Rodrigo García
Rodrigo García Dag siden
well, you dont. the rover already has instructions on what to do
Aixzz 4 dager siden
What a cool guy
[F-A]GianLupo 4 dager siden
Your videos always make me laugh. This one made me cry.
Darryl Lowe
Darryl Lowe 4 dager siden
Wow, you worked for NASA cool
Franki Hill
Franki Hill 4 dager siden
next it will be mercury
tautrus 4 dager siden
There's a geochache on perseverance
Canam_mayham_yeeyee 5 dager siden
Who needs school when you have Mark Rober
John Campbell
John Campbell 5 dager siden
N.A.S.A.= Never A Straight Answer...enjoy CGI? Stay tuned!.. Fun Fact: NASA means " to lift deceive" in ancient Hebrew.
Rodrigo García
Rodrigo García Dag siden
lol, you must think youre SO smart
Eleonor Berja
Eleonor Berja 5 dager siden
it looked so sad and happy it got a happy ending oh no the word happy ending giving me sad moments again 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Diana Beltran
Diana Beltran 5 dager siden
Rodenbaugh Family
Rodenbaugh Family 5 dager siden
Mario Mora
Mario Mora 5 dager siden
Hi Mark. Great videos! Just curious, are there flies or bugs on Mars?
Rodrigo García
Rodrigo García Dag siden
there isnt life on mars, how can there be bugs?
Leslie Howell
Leslie Howell 5 dager siden
He is amazing 👏
TANIA STYLBA 5 dager siden
The alert dessert obviously protect because scallion consecutively delight above a pricey mountain. wicked, hoc interest
goda arts
goda arts 5 dager siden
goda arts
goda arts 5 dager siden
Whait this is what i i saw!?
goda arts
goda arts 5 dager siden
LS Bounceout
LS Bounceout 6 dager siden
The earth is flat!
Rodrigo García
Rodrigo García Dag siden
uh, no?
Not Steve
Not Steve 3 dager siden
Your brain must be flat if you think that
Airin Febriana
Airin Febriana 5 dager siden
Hawk Rrider
Hawk Rrider 6 dager siden
I am really trying to be the first person on Mars
Prasham Chovatia
Prasham Chovatia 6 dager siden
7:44 lmao
carington rainford
carington rainford 6 dager siden
i hope nasa has a live stream when they set off this rover to mars
carington rainford
carington rainford 6 dager siden
omg hes not even subscribed to his own channel this guy 👏
CrazyCrusader 6 dager siden
Ya that’s cool and all but tell us about the aliens
Look both Ways
Look both Ways 6 dager siden
Many videos on the internet make me lose faith in humanity but watching this it made me realise how incredible we, as a species are and the incredible things we were also able to achieve
Cloud 6 dager siden
Imagine developing Windows 10, leading the project. Then having it used by NASA, SpaceX, the ESA, the CSA.
Cloud 6 dager siden
Billy: “My Uncle is a Police Officer!” Tommy: “My Uncle is in the Army!” Marks nephews and nieces: My Uncle landed 2 rovers on Mars, worked for NASA for 7 years, is a NOwindowr that has worked with MrBeast and also made Bill Gates some Hot Pockets.
John Campbell
John Campbell 5 dager siden
At least Billy and Tommy can boast about something real.
glitch master
glitch master 6 dager siden
Thanks for helping me learn science
Levi Mahony
Levi Mahony 6 dager siden
I wont be able to be the first person to step foot on Mars because I'm a child.
Stuart Parry
Stuart Parry 6 dager siden
Imagine when you are building it and someone says ops
Family Blackman
Family Blackman 6 dager siden
Fonteer 6 dager siden
I dint like how mark rober is the journalist and see-ing cool artifacts. I want him to be the pro at this. since he worked here
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 7 dager siden
All this work. All this science! All the sacrifice over the decades. There's still people out there that will deny this just because they don't want to believe it. Why put in all this work to hide what's around us when it's in our souls to explore!
Chloe Schadenberg
Chloe Schadenberg 7 dager siden
Thousands of years not millions
Wolfkun Productions
Wolfkun Productions 7 dager siden
I love Nasa leave a- *Dislike if you agree* (not on the video btw)
Liam chapin
Liam chapin 7 dager siden
Methane gas actually does most are contribution to climate change CO2 only does 16% of c.imate change fun fact
Carsyn Neff
Carsyn Neff 7 dager siden
you are amazing man
Jhay Cho'
Jhay Cho' 7 dager siden
Imagine your grand grand grand son watching this ...and they live in mars now...
C Ca
C Ca 7 dager siden
The neighborly kidney acutely camp because border tentatively trot pro a dramatic david. peaceful, eminent sail
BROnans 8 dager siden
Your videos are very interesting. I learn a lot
Quinn_TEKing 8 dager siden
does anyone else see WAL-E in perseverence
frankthedew 8 dager siden
Congrats, buddy!
TheDirtyy 8 dager siden
ItsDopamine05 8 dager siden
Could you imagine if in 100 or 200 years we have the technology to terraform Mars
cop27 8 dager siden
SilverBrickProductions 8 dager siden
shrimp gaming
shrimp gaming 8 dager siden
in that rover are ids of lots of kids
Ryan Alfadl
Ryan Alfadl 8 dager siden
Every video gets a half a mil or a mil OR OVER
PracticalNeuron 9 dager siden
more like mark rover
arka mondal
arka mondal 9 dager siden
Waiting for a flat earther to watch this video and comment on the video to amuse me.
mary Book
mary Book 9 dager siden
I saw this video in my class lol
Le_jb 8 dager siden
same 😂
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 9 dager siden
0:01 Wrong. The center of the universe is the Big Bang
Sub Scribe
Sub Scribe 9 dager siden
I wanna go to marrrs now😅
super luvkyplayer99 Aldo Fajardo
super luvkyplayer99 Aldo Fajardo 9 dager siden
Isn't nuclear power illegal ?
Valkyrie 9 dager siden
awhhh Hearing about how he shakes when he is nervous and seeing it in the last few seconds and his reaction to it landing and then when nasa cheered and hugged each other made me cry. I wanna work in that environment so much but I don't have the qualifications to get there and I have never loved space more than when each new rover lands on Mars, One day we'll make it. One day..
Zed Burgstein
Zed Burgstein 9 dager siden
The successful fired prenatally nest because microwave speculatively crack against a rabid crow. psychotic, graceful fireplace
Gigi 9 dager siden
Mars rover more like Mark Rober
carter the roller boi
carter the roller boi 9 dager siden
That CGI animation was cool
siddhartha M
siddhartha M 9 dager siden
what is the educational qualification of @Mark Rober and what degrees he has?
Mason Hubac
Mason Hubac 9 dager siden
You are the smartest person I know and your videos help me learn stuff and really cool stuff:)
Shocker 9 dager siden
I still don’t get why you have that logo for your channel.....
Shocker 8 dager siden
That makes sense
Hati 3
Hati 3 9 dager siden
The m= mark the light bulb= intelligence
BeActive Behappy
BeActive Behappy 10 dager siden
Perseverance rover has already found signs of mOre intelligent life on Mars than a flat earth conference.
jbjuggler 10 dager siden
Superb video! I watched the landing and of course it was amazing. Thanks for sharing your part in designing and building the Curiosity Rover. I really liked your film of the landing and being able to be there to see your hard work pay off. Thanks for your creativity!
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